Global Issues

I started tinkering with sustainable design back in 1985 when we created a consumer product that was sold in Office Depot, etc. At the time, I didn’t know we were actually practicing sustainable design. Fast-forward 30 years with some recent digital transformation work at various technology companies, mixed with some purpose-driven work via creatorbase and voilà ... Elcom and creatorbase are teaming to explore and share insights focused on human motivation, digital and sustainability. Read more

Last week’s MarTech Conference in San Francisco was an effective mashup of marketing and technology professionals and discussions. The Econsultancy and IBM study called 'The Consumer Conversation' was announced during the event and helps to paint of picture of CX opportunities and challenges. Tune into a brief video interview and download the new report. Read more

Years of business development and technology marketing in the San Francisco Bay/Silicon Valley area has its advantages when it comes to creating interesting characters for your first book. Paul Markun knows this well and his thriller, ‘The Big Disrupter’ published in 2014, is a fast-paced and fun read I recommend. Read more

Nigel Marsh on How to Make Work-Life Balance Work

Thanks to TED talks, ideas and observations like these from Nigel Marsh's appearance in Sydney are timeless and highly useful. This is especially true in our modern society where various technologies enable us to be more connected and working from virtually anywhere, anytime. But work-life balance can easily slip away when you're always on. Read more

David Lang's underwater robot came to life with your curiosity

It's a story like David Lang's underwater robot that reminds me of why I moved from South Florida to the San Francisco Bay Area nearly 20 years ago. Back then before the Internet was widespread, one of the leading creative centers in the world -- Silicon Valley -- was really only accessible by living and working here. Times have changed! Watch this brief TED video and participate in the creatorbase community. Read more

Two wheels, three years and countless forks in the road

We all have a sense of adventure but often choose to not take a leap of faith into the unknown. Then there’s Allan Karl and his quest for culture, cuisine and connection. Learn more including a brief video about a cool crowdfunding project. Read more