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Ensighten recently co-hosted their AGILITY 2015 conference in San Francisco and members of the creatorbase community were onsite to hear, see, and feel how to leverage a vast sea of data for improving customer experiences. This is an exceptional overview of the event including video interviews with Josh Manion, Founder and CEO of Ensighten, and Stefan Tornquist, VP Research at Econsultancy; plus related coverage from a number of creators! Read more →

Last week’s MarTech Conference in San Francisco was an effective mashup of marketing and technology professionals and discussions. The Econsultancy and IBM study called 'The Consumer Conversation' was announced during the event and helps to paint of picture of CX opportunities and challenges. Tune into a brief video interview and download the new report. Read more →

In this week’s CMSWire article we share complimentary research, news and opinions about the impact and opportunities of content and mobile strategies coming together. Jeffrey Hayzlett shares his point of view on camera about the podcast network announced at CES 2015; it's All Business for Hayzlett. There’s tremendous value here for the taking so dig in! Read more →

What's your labor of love? Fund it with Indiegogo.

It's safe to say that many of us have a business/product idea, creative project or personal cause that is either a part-time pursuit or something we would like to get more serious about IF only we could. Maybe crowdfunding with Indiegogo and/or the JOBS Act can help you ... Read more →

Running the Gauntlet is a change agent toolbox. Jeffrey Hayzlett’s new book is clever and exactly what business, marketing and technology leaders need to invigorate their 2012 initiatives and cross-functional teams. Tune into this brief video and blog post -- share with others. Read more →

Remembering Steve Jobs' creativity, life and wisdom

Like many, my heart sank yesterday upon hearing the news of Steve Jobs' passing. This post is dedicated to Steve for his creativity, life and wisdom. If you have not watched his 2005 commencement speech at Stanford University, now is your opportunity. Life is short. Truly live it ... Read more →