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Nokia Streamlines Structure

by Erick Mott Business changes are underway at Nokia, according to recent restructuring news posted on Unstrung. In addition to shifts in organization and financial reporting structures, acquisitions are anticipated. The company's mobile device business accounted for 57 percent of revenues in the first quarter of this year. Nokia reported first quarter revenues of €9.856 billion (US$13.2 billion), of which... Read more →

B2B Demand Generation Summit PPTs

by Erick Mott This information is about 6 months old but I wanted to share some public nuggets from MarketingSherpa's B2B Demand Generation Summit I attended in November 2006 in San Francisco. Since most marketers are concerned with sales tools, lead generation, cultivation and retention that drives revenue -- I think you'll find some of the session PPTs insightful and... Read more →

Father's Day 2007

by Erick Mott This year's Father's Day was extra special. Most recently, with the births of two children (daughter, 2 years and son, 9 months), Father's Day takes on a whole new meaning! We all went to Grandpa's house and took a dip -- a first for our son. These past few weeks have been challenging to say the least,... Read more →

A Web 2.0 media solution that is ideal for an innovative Internet/social commerce company. Read more →

Competitiveness through Business Mobility

by Erick Mott I recently created and led a thought leadership initiative for Nokia that was both insightful and influential. We wanted to engage thousands of executives worldwide to capture and discuss their opinions on how business mobility is helping organizations, across many industries, to be more competitive and sustainable. This effort included: quantitative and qualitative research; media partnering and... Read more →