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Enjoying time with Lyris customers.

If you have been following my business and marketing-related posts on this blog and Twitter, it's likely you have noticed a few mentions of Lyris and Lyris HQ. With transparency and new FTC rules in mind in terms of disclosure and endorsements, I am a Lyris executive and really enjoy spending time with our customers (marketing peers). Why? Because it's a great way to learn about their needs and stories, get to know them personally, help them reach and serve their customers, and collaborate with them on thought leadership for the global marketing community at large. 

I'm enjoying time with our customers, on social media and in-person, and happy to communicate about them and how teams at Lyris are helping customers be more successful. This recent post and video from Jeff Bezos of Amazon provides some insight into why focusing on customers is fundamental to success; and fun too.

Also, here's a new video that was recorded yesterday at ad:tech NY with Joe Harrell, Director of Marketing and Product Management from the Alliance for the Arts. We're talking about tri-messaging and what this means for Joe's community and members:

Note: This video with Joe Harrell from Alliance for the Arts was recorded at ad:tech NY by David Spark and sponsored by Lyris. Mr. Harrell was not paid by Lyris for his comments.

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