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June 2011

The professional tennis season is in full swing and I had the good fortune of participating in the 2011 Wimbledon Championship from June 18th - 20th. John Phillips from the ATP and I touch on the future of tennis from digital and onsite perspectives. Whether you're a tennis fan or not, this creatorbase thoughts video (~4 minutes) provides good insights and some entertainment for any business or marketing leader. Read more →

Heading to the 125th Wimbledon Championships tomorrow. A dream come true. Tennis tradition at its best -- excited and honored is an understatement! Read more about this extraordinary trip and what's to come via creatorbase thoughts and related posts. Read more →

Thank you Sitecore. What’s next via creatorbase?

Last week were my final days as Sitecore’s VP Community. Simply put, business changes and opportunities are always at play -- especially when it comes to the technology community. What's next? Some exciting developments ... Read more →

Jeffrey Hayzlett on communication changes and the future of marketing

Here's part 2 from a conversation I had with Jeffrey Hayzlett in Palo Alto last week about communication changes and the future of marketing. We get into what brands and marketers should consider sooner rather than later. This ~5 minute conversation on video includes examples that are sure to resonate with you if you're interested in brand marketing and web-related topics. Read more →