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September 2011

The past few months will probably go down in my history book as the most exciting summer break to date! This extended time off was unique, extraordinary, and I’m happy to share with you details about my new role and focus at Ektron including a conversation with Tom Wentworth on video. Read more →

B2B growth comes to those who embrace the buyer's journey in our digital world

If you're a B2B marketing, sales or service professional concerned with business growth and keeping your CEO happy, tune into this brief video conversation with Christine Crandell and Erick Mott. Read more →

Dan Oliver and his 'Beer Guy' labor of love

There's no better time than Labor Day to share a story about how and why an obsession for beer became a thriving career. Are you doing what you love and making a good living too? Tune into this brief conversation on video to learn how Dan Oliver did it. Read more →