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Summer ends and Ektron’s new era of community innovation begins at OMMA Global NY

A Time to Remember

The past few months will probably go down in my history book as the most exciting summer break to date! We’ve all been there when considering our school days and those one or two summer experiences that seem to stand out. It used to be that things slow down in June, we enjoy time off with a variety of adventures, and then get back into it in early September. For me, this last summer was unique, influential, and I’m happy to share details about my new role and focus at Ektron, with thoughts from Tom Wentworth in this brief video

I wouldn’t call the summer of ‘11 a vacation because there was more uncertainty than usual given that I was unemployed and searching for an outstanding team to join. But I had some unexpected time off and wanted to make the best of it. And that I did with a handful of activities and pursuits, like…

The summer of ‘11 was extraordinary but wasn’t all bliss because the 24/7 news stories about the deficit, economy and unemployment were constant reminders we live in challenging times, and gainful employment is not a guarantee, even when you're an over achiever. But the time off absolutely renewed my faith in how important it is -- at least from a SF Bay Area perspective -- to always pursue your passion, continually stretch your skills/expertise, take risks, enjoy every moment, and act daily with creativity and integrity as if it’s your last day on earth. I also gained a deeper appreciation for the Web and the many opportunities we all have to innovate and collaborate for the greater good with this amazing platform, still in its infancy. The journey continues!

OMMA Global NYC 2011

Ektron Today, I’m kicking-off my new role with Ektron (and as a creatorbase blogger) by moderating the ‘Essentials of Real-Time Marketing -- Email Plus Websites’ panel. The audience is in for a treat as industry veterans including Jeanniey Mullen from Zinio, Denise Giacoia from Trizetto, Josh Glantz from Publishers Clearing House and Fred Swain from Tafford Uniforms discuss and debate best practices, insights and what’s passé. Join us Monday, September 26th at 12:15 EST at the Marriott Marquis NY on the 7th floor or watch video from our session and other OMMA Global speakers after the event.

Stay tuned for more interesting developments via creatorbase and Ektron. Our focus will be on reaching, engaging and empowering the global community and us providing a space (digital and face-to-face) for you to create value! Want to connect on Facebook? Join other creators by liking this page.


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