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Salim Hemdani from Razorfish on change and continuous innovation

Change is most certainly in the air. Put another way, change is constant and the best companies in the world choose to embrace change to grow, serve customers and gain competitive advantage.

Recently, I talked with Salim Hemdani, group vice president of experiences and platform at Razorfish, after his Ektron Developer Meetup presentation in San Francisco. We discussed how continuous innovation is a must in the context of the web and digital marketing. I enjoyed Salim's point of view regarding new consumer expectations, our ability as people to process more information faster, and related growth trends (i.e. mobile, social, devices, etc.) that seem to be fueling human evolution.

Many businesses are staying a step ahead of consumers to meet their digital needs. Cross-functional teams that master continuous innovation with the web are more likely to succeed in the next few years. Watch the brief video above and download Salim's presentation to learn more about his thoughts and how Razorfish is helping their enterprise clients including Best Buy, Dell, Disney, Intel, Ford, Sony, Staples and more.


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