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'Running the Gauntlet' will awaken your creators for positive change and growth

This is a change agent toolbox for your C-suite. Jeffrey Hayzlett’s new book Running the Gauntletwith interactive tools including social media and video guides, is clever and exactly what business, marketing and technology leaders need to invigorate their 2012 initiatives and cross-functional teams.

No doubt, Jeffrey is a force of nature after many years of either running his own gauntlets or leading teams in senior executive roles for companies like Kodak. At 6'3, 270 pounds, a big voice and John Wayne like persona -- Jeffrey is an engaging leader determined to help companies and the economy grow, regardless of perceived or real obstacles and threats.

The new book has 33 chapters and reads like conversational blog posts, each starting with a Tweet-like headline and SnapTag to launch a brief video guide from any web-enabled device.

RTG_CHP28For example, Chapter 28 discusses how customers have always had the upper hand but companies should now engage customers with social media and the web to create opportunities and minimize risks. The SnapTag in the upper left corner on page 163 enabled me to scan the brand/round tag image in seconds with my iPhone, launch a video and interact with Jeffrey and the community about the topic. 

Chapter 29 continues with the customer theme by getting into advisory board and executive relationship building programs. Yes, I completely agree with this sort of commitment and thinking around customer engagement and collaboration, and will work these ideas into Ektron's 2012 strategy

Throughout the book and digital content, there are references to Kodak and other companies and leaders that appear to follow some chronological order but also help to create a storyline that provides credibility for all ideas and recommendations. This makes Running the Gauntlet (RTG) real and certainly more actionable. 

Full disclosure, I received an advance RTG copy from Jeffrey to help prepare for our Web Innovation Now video and this blog. But seriously, I couldn't put the book down since last week and stayed in most of New Year's weekend to read it and watch SnapTag video clips. No, I'm not boring but it is the season for gauntlet teaming.

Change is never easy but it is inevitable. I recommend Running the Gauntlet and Jeffrey Hayzlett. Do yourself a favor, take change by the reins and go! 


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