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If you're a business executive, entrepreneur, marketer, IT or web practitioner -- you most likely have some knowledge of search engines, SEO, PPC, and link building tactics. Google, Yahoo and Bing have played key roles in how information gets found on the web during the past decade, and now social networking and microblogging sites like Facebook and Twitter are powerful search optimization and consumer experience tools.

The search industry has come a long way in the past 10 years with significant changes underway given new channels, technologies, and consumer behaviors and preferences. Mike Grehan, vice president at Incisive Media, helped to shape the search industry and has been writing and speaking about related ideas and best practices since the early days of the Internet.

I talked with Mike this month in San Diego about his opening remarks for the SES Accelerator during the Online Marketing Summit. Mike had the lofty task of sharing 10 years of search industry insights with the audience in about 10 minutes, including content from various books, Search Engine Watch articles and a new thought paper.

We condensed his SES thoughts in our Web Innovation Now conversation above. Good things (and links) come in small packages. Learn more, contribute and engage in the Ektron community.

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