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Crowdfunding is an entrepreneur's new best friend. A story with slides and podcast.

Last week I had an opportunity to present a crowdfunding / social media case study at the CrowdConf12 event in San Francisco. Orange was in the air with the San Francisco Giants on their way to becoming World Series Champions (again) and Halloween just around the corner. Take a look at the slides above and share with others. If you would like to learn more about the case study and Indiegogo success story highlighted above, visit creatorstand.com.

One week after the CrowdConf12 event and presentation, I can say with confidence that crowdfunding is an entrepreneur's (creator) new best friend -- it's not something to fear. Crowdfunding is a way to help creators move ideas into something tangible with less risk for everyone involved. A crowdfunding pitch, with content and intellectual property as the foundation, is a proven way to raise needed capital early on in a product lifecycle. No longer is significant overhead (typical in 20th century business models) or months of execution necessary to launch a new business and product.

LifeTips_creatorstandByron White and I discussed creatorbase, crowdfunding and customer experience in this Life Tips ~30 minute podcast that aired on 10/31. We talked about: how creatorbase started and its purpose; why crowdfunding with Indiegogo was used to bring the new creatorstand to market and the backstory including ABC Shark Tank; what's in store for creatorbase and creatorstand. This Life Tips show from WebmasterRadio is also available on iTunes.

I've been a social media practitioner for years and crowdfunding is an extension of social media. You can find more information about how to run a successful crowdfunding campaign in these Search Engine Watch articles and stories I'm writing with other creators. Stay tuned for more related posts, videos, etc.

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