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Two wheels, three years and countless forks in the road

We all have a sense of adventure but often choose to not take a leap of faith into the unknown. It’s human nature to follow a familiar path, avoid perceived pain, and make decisions based on group think or the safe bet.

But then there’s Allan Karl and his quest for culture, cuisine and connection. Not too long ago, Allan finished a very long motorcycle ride on his BMW 650. And now a new leg of the journey begins

Allan is publishing a unique book that brings to life a three-year global adventure in an oversized, full-color, hardcover format. The book, FORKS, has been in the making for quite a while and includes more than 500 color photographs, stories of extraordinary people, their culture, personal connection and 40 recipes from all over the world.

Rather than compromise his vision by using traditional publishers who wanted to simplify his book, Allan decided to collaborate with creators who shared his vision and rely on crowdfunding to print the first-edition. From a content marketing point of view, Allan plans to create an interactive eBook version to continue to explore culture through food by connecting with people all over the world and sourcing recipes to be published online.

The book's content and first-hand experiences also provides a multimedia platform to continue with a body of work that brings his trip to life, and enables him to share meaningful stories and insights through keynote speaking. Allan is also creating a community of motorcyclists, adventurers and culinary travelers to share discoveries.

Learn more about Allan's project by following him on Twitter at WorldRider.

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