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David Lang's underwater robot came to life with your curiosity

It's a story like David Lang's underwater robot that reminds me of why I moved from South Florida to the San Francisco Bay Area nearly 20 years ago. Back then before the Internet and related technologies were widespread, one of the leading creative/technology centers in the world -- Silicon Valley -- was really only accessible by living and working here. Having in-person relationships was key for success.

Today, with the Internet and billions of creators like you online and collaborating via social businesses and tools, value creation is easier to achieve anytime, anywhere, and at a fraction of the cost. I'm a firm believer that environment is everything and being in close proximity is important to building great teams, products/services and businesses. But we no longer need to live and work in the same city to create extraordinary results. David's story shared at TED is proof that a good idea, curiosity from others, and open collaboration on the web is good for business and society.         

During this season of giving and reflection, I'm thankful for all the people I've come to know and team with worldwide that have a passion for technology and putting it to good use for others. In 2014, the creatorbase community will continue to reach out to and support entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, marketers and more (creators) to help them bring their meaningful ideas and passions to life. And creatorbase will evolve in the new year. 

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