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Want to create a successful product or service? Scott McDulin shares Indian River Select’s key ingredients.

During a recent trip to Florida for the Social Media Insider Summit, I connected with Scott McDulin -- a co-creator of Indian River Select® juice products. We discussed what’s behind the new consumer brand’s success and you’ll find it’s a smart blend of practical thinking and modern strategy.

Here are a few takeaways from our brief conversation that can be applied in any business:

  • Start with the best fruit.  This seems obvious but not always achievable. Certain regions of the world provide the best raw materials, technologies and/or talent necessary to create the highest quality products and services. In this case, the Indian River district provides exceptional Citrus. So while you may aspire to sell a premium brand at a reasonable cost, it’s not always possible. Location – or effective collaboration across distributed operations -- plays a significant role to create customer demand and a competitive advantage.
  • Customer experience matters. We hear a lot about customer experience these days given the wide variety of channels that buyers now use to find, purchase, consume, and advocate products and services. When it comes to consumer products, point of sale experiences can make or break in-store transactions. Scott and team decided to use clear packaging so customers can experience freshness before making buying decisions.
  • Create and reward loyalty. When you have a high-quality product or service, repeat purchases are more likely. But with so many choices and distractions that customers experience daily, you need to rely on loyalty-building campaigns that include social media, email marketing, and online incentives like coupons that can be promoted and shared. These are low-cost tactics to execute, and extend your brand message and customer advocacy to a larger audience of prospects and influencers. The Indian River Select team make it easy for current and new customers to find, share, and use coupons.

Visit Indian River Select’s website to learn more and connect with Scott if you would like to discuss retail opportunities.  Share this creatorbase moment post with others, and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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