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I recently participated in a customer experience (CX) discussion in San Francisco co-hosted by Paul Hagen and John Rymer of Forrester Research, Inc. CX initiatives of any size are serious undertakings because they often touch large numbers of employees and business processes within an organization.

Paul_Hagen_CreatorbaseThere are many rewards for getting customer experience right but there are also significant challenges when applying the wrong perspective. Paul and John discussed the top three customer experience risks to avoid when working on your organization’s Age of the Customer Strategy; the video interview above touches on the first risk -- here's a summary of all three:

  • Risk #1: Think Too Small
  • Risk #2: Say "Outside-In" But Act "Inside-Out"
  • Risk #3: Pursue Your Age of the Customer in Isolation

For more details including the original blog post, video, and related reserach from Forrester -- please visit Selectica's 'Social Contracting' blog. In addition, there's a strong connection between customer experience strategy and human to human (#H2H) thinking that Bryan Kramer discusses in a recent blog post and ebook.

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