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Jay Baer on Why Your Employees Should Be Your Greatest Social Media Advocates

Earlier in March, I had an opportunity to talk with Jay Baer at the Social Media Marketing World 2014 conference in San Diego, hosted by Mike Stelzner and team.

Before our video interview above, Jay and I discussed how the command and control management style days are numbered if not over. Instead, successful companies and leaders today are focused on building agile and collaborative cultures around the idea of context over control.

This may be obvious to many but I'll put it out there as a reminder ... employees are your organization’s greatest assets and with the right blend of empowerment, systems, and leadership, they can also be your best advocates on social media for customer and business success.

Jay_Baer_CreatorbaseJay presented in a number of sessions at the conference but one topic in particular caught my attention given my role at Selectica and use of InfluitiveHow to Turn Your Employees into Your Best Social Media Advocates ... was all about viewing your employees in a modern way when it comes to culture and communications. And he nailed the topic, captured in our brief conversation on video. According to Jay, "the power in social media is in the people; it’s about people and not logos.”

Key Takeaways from Jay’s session and Social Contracting video:

  • Advocates can be employees, customers and partners … they revolve around passion (admiration/love) for your company, what you do, and how you do it.
  • If your employees are not your biggest advocates, then you have a much bigger problem. Ultimately, employee advocacy is born from culture where shared values are understood and deeply rooted.
  • External influencers are important but can often be circumstantial or short lived. Focus on advocates first, then focus on external influencers.
  • In a 2012 Dachis Group study, and webinar (SlideShare) with Dion Hinchcliffe regarding employee advocacy, 40 of the top companies to work for were also the among the top companies in social media.

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