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Paul Markun on ‘The Big Disrupter’ Book and Insights

The-Big-Disrupter-cover-image-211K-212x300Years of business development and technology marketing in the San Francisco Bay/Silicon Valley area has its advantages when it comes to creating interesting characters for your first book. Paul Markun knows this well and his thriller, ‘The Big Disrupter’ published in 2014, is a fast-paced and fun read I recommend.    

Paul admitted that the writing process was challenging and extremely rewarding. After much thought and three versions before publication, he was ready to go-to-market with his new product of joy.

I recently sat down with Paul at his Mill Valley home in Northern California to reconnect since our Sitecore days and talk about the book, etc. The Big Disrupter is a smart fiction within a business context of female and male entrepreneurs (heroes) racing to win an enormous award, similar to a Nobel Prize, with one billion dollars attached for the preeminent social entrepreneur company. We definitely need more businesses in the world with social purpose at their core. 

Digging deeper into the book and behind the scenes gives us three insights that business and technology leaders should consider:

  • Dare to dream big, really big! Being audacious can create extraordinary results. That’s how we get the Googles, Teslas and Facebooks of the world.

  • Create and embrace a team of diverse opinions and talents. Diversity is not always easy to manage but now required to compete, innovate, and be relevant for buyers and influencers with expanding worldviews.

  • Clearly understand your personality type and those around you. Recognize that personality and character influences actions and in-action. Logic is not always a driver – emotion is often a key factor in decision-making.

The Big Disrupter book is action-packed with a lot of drama that the book’s heroes feed off of and struggle with at times – much like what we experience in real life. It’s an immersive get-a-away where we learn and are surprised as the journey unfolds. This combination makes it a meaningful read with insights to share.

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