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In this week’s CMSWire article we share complimentary research, news and opinions about the impact and opportunities of content and mobile strategies coming together. It’s a powerful combination, so dig in. There’s tremendous value here for the taking. 

A recent visit to International CES, the announcement from CBS, and timely research from the Altimeter Group regarding a ‘Culture of Content’ (CoC) got me thinking about how fast content and mobile are meshing and shifting in the context of digital transformation. I also suggest we view these developments with the Human to Human (#H2H) lens created by Bryan Kramer last year.

CBS Launches®

JeffreyHayzlett_CES2015Jeffrey Hayzlett and I connected at CES to discuss on camera why is interesting regarding, for example, content, digital business and customer experience topics and trends. ‘All Business with Jeffrey Hayzlett’ debuts on February 5th with guest Gene Simmons of KISS. Upcoming guests will include Kevin Jonas, Piers Morgan, Daymond John, Barbara Corcoran and other business leaders.

The executive behind -- Ezra Kucharz, President of CBS Local Digital Media -- shared that “the demand for on-demand audio content is huge, with tens of millions of people and growing listening to podcasts each month. CBS aims to bring listeners a unified, easy-to-use platform featuring the best podcasts from not only CBS brands but other major brands, personalities and publishers, as well.”

People Are Becoming Increasingly Mobile

Although business leaders acknowledge the importance of mobile strategies and emerging best practices, Altimeter’s January 2015 research ‘The Inevitability of a Mobile-Only Customer Experience’ conveys that many organizations are underestimating and underinvesting in mobile’s value proposition. What happens when increasing demand for mobile experiences collides with the world’s growing appetite for a variety of content when and where people want it? 

Podcasting: Culture of Content and Mobile Experiences, Mesh

With so much happening in the content marketing space, I talked with Robert Rose, Chief Strategy Officer for the Content Marketing Institute, to get another perspective.  He shared “there’s no doubt that podcasts are now to marketing what “Let it Go” is to music; a huge hit that can seem overwhelmingly annoying.  But, done right, I’ve seen them elevate a brand and create real results. I’ve seen them work both as a differentiating education platform, as well as create real emotional bonds with customers. Like everything related to content marketing – they need real time, effort and (most of all) consistency.”

For generations, the spoken word has been one of the most convincing forms of education and entertainment. Podcasting is going through a growth spurt because people can now easily discover, experience and share content they’re missing on other channels. Organizations with cultures of content and advanced mobile strategies will engage customers and grow their communities with podcasting.

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