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First, the bad news. I was not able to attend Social Media Marketing World 2015, hosted by Michael Stelzner and team, given other commitments in the Bay Area.

What’s the good news?

Jeffrey-rohrsI finally posted video interviews with Jeffrey Rohrs and Bryan Kramer from last year's #SMMW14 event; their insights are timeless.

It doesn’t usually take me this long to edit and publish good conversations on camera. But I wanted to read their books before writing about them and see their ideas in action over a period of time. Next thing you know, it’s a year later.

What a year it’s been for Audience and Human to Human: #H2H ideas that have ignited many in the digital marketing community. Why?

Audience_bookBusinesses, organizations and individuals have an incredible opportunity to create and grow their audiences for the short and long term – with a focus on size, engagement, and value. Developing audiences takes continuous effort, discipline and investment.

Jeffrey’s book is packed with more than 270 pages of key definitions, how-to info, case studies, URLs for hands-on review (show-n-tell), and a good blend of trends, cultural icons and humor. I recommend Jeffrey’s book for all marketers and business leaders (creators). 


H2H_book_To successfully create and maintain healthy audiences in a world that’s increasingly becoming more automated with digital processes and human-to-human experiences, your business or organization needs to continuously deliver unexpected value. Byran’s early-career story as a Dominos Delivery Driver makes a clear case for why delivering unexpected value is so important today, and touches on his #H2H ideas that were published shortly before our conversation in March 2014.

If you’ve been following Bryan’s #H2H journey since the beginning, you’ll probably agree with me that this brief eBook is a no brainer to read and share with others.

Empower Employees

Last but certainly not least, my conversation with Jay Baer at #SMMW14 – about why employees should be your greatest social media advocates – is even more relevant today given audience development and value delivery ideas from Jeffrey and Bryan. After all, employees are an organization’s greatest assets.

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