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3 Morsels from a MarTech Casserole


When you experience a jam-packed event and comprehensive program like the recent MarTech Conference, it’s a challenge to summarize all the content and good ideas into a few salient points. And many of us who attended #MarTech can probably relate to the ‘Rule of 3’ – coveted by leaders including Thomas Jefferson and Steve Jobs – because this communication style makes it easier for us to consume complex ideas.  

For this overview, let’s use a mealtime favorite. Thank you for contributing to the MarTech Casserole in San Francisco and online. Enjoy these morsels!

1. Marketing organizations today should enable people to experience stories rather than just visualize them.

We heard this perspective from many participants and Conference Chair Scott Brinker said it well in a recent blog post: “we’ve been in the business of imagining great narratives — and using communications to get our buyers to picture those narratives in their heads. But in a digital world, where it’s not just about what we say, but more about what we do. It’s about getting our prospects to experience our narratives. Software is the conduit through which those narratives are brought to life.”

Nadim Hossain, CEO of BrightFunnel said, “what we're seeing happening around us, as consumers and MarTech professionals is a massive and inexorable wave, that has been a long time coming. To oversimplify it, because of the Internet and now mobile, our buyers' journeys -- whether as businesses or individuals -- have changed forever, and will continue to change. Hossain added, “marketers are now expected to be more data-driven, and measure their results not in vanity metrics but in actual numbers tied to revenue and pipeline. To do this, marketers are getting very good at analytics, and they must also plan and predict the future.”

2. Agile marketing systems and data create meaningful results when applied to improve segmentation and personalizing human experiences.   

Pini Yakuel, CEO of Optimove said, “one of the main concepts in the world of customer analytics is customer segmentation. This occurs in a variety of forms and levels of sophistication – from simple demographic segmentations to more sophisticated segments built according to business rules or based on scientific models such as cluster analysis.” No matter how you arrive at segmentation, one must understand both their composition and the differences between them to be successful.”­­ Yakuel also described how it’s important, for example, to redefine traditional marketing concepts like “retention” in the context of MarTech systems and customer experience opportunities.

Mayur Gupta, Global Head of Marketing Technology and Innovation at Kimberly-Clark said, "the Internet of Things (IoT) or Connected Devices is certainly the new focus area across the industry; there are sensors being deployed everywhere from smartphones, to within packages to jet engines. But the real power of IoT is not in the sensors but in the data that is collected underneath and how well brands are able to leverage these fragmented pieces of data to create unforeseen insights, hypothesis and diagnostics that wasn’t available before; ultimately to deliver a more immersive and relevant consumer experience.”

3. Experiences are a form of service delivery that requires constantly evolving skills, processes, and technologies.   

John Kottcamp, Chief Marketing Technologist at Tahzoo, touched on organizational commitment and strategies that are now required to get the job done. He said, “our team often talks about producing business outcomes, not just outputs. We mean exactly what coach Wooden said when referring to achievement vs activity. It’s not enough to just invest in a lot of software, create big teams, and come up with executive pronouncements like “this is the year of the customer.” It’s not the saying that matters, it’s the doing – this was the real value of the MarTech Conference. There were hundreds of us from all sorts of disciplines all believing in our ability to make a difference.”

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