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When someone says, “the sky’s the limit” – what do they mean?

The short answer, with a NYC skyline as a backdrop, there’s practically no limit to the opportunities before us! And that sums up how I feel about a new alliance between Acronym and creatorbase.

With their U.S. headquarters on the 65th floor in the Empire State Building, Acronym is a pioneer in search, innovators of intent-based marketing solutions, and a trusted agency partner to world-class brands. Advertising Age ranked Acronym in their Top 10 Search Marketing Agencies list published in April 2015; here’s more on Tech Marketing News.

Shift from Attention to Intention

Mike Grehan, CMO and Managing Director at Acronym, is a search leader and friend I’ve known for years. He’s been speaking and writing about a trend that customer experience, marketing, and digital business leaders in general should be paying more attention too, no pun intended. He believes that, gradually, we are moving away from our current ‘attention economy’ into a newer ‘intention economy.’

What does this mean?

Intention is a state of mind. A driving force behind human behavior powered by belief, desire and goal. It has been studied much in such disciplines as philosophy and psychology. And now, intent computing is a growing area of research, particularly in the field of digital marketing. It’s based on predicting the probability of a specific intention held by an end user by applying machine learning and data mining methods.

As marketers continue to gain more understanding of and agility for modern consumer behaviors and their buyers’ journeys – creating competencies for the 'intention economy' will help digital businesses to:

  • Reduce advertising and marketing costs
  • Publish more relevant and timely content
  • Create and improve customer experiences

Digital Marketing Framework: See. Think. Do.

Where should we spend digital marketing dollars? That’s a question most marketers think about on a weekly basis. In a recent conversation on video with Avinash Kaushik, digital marketing evangelist at Google, Mike asked a similar question about how best to spend digital marketing dollars.

Avinash briefly touched on some conventional wisdom regarding the consumer buying cycle based on awareness, familiarity, consideration, purchase, and loyalty. He then summarized his framework in three words:

See. Think. Do.

Avinash described a three-stage process by beginning with the largest addressable audience (qualified audience, that is) as being in the "see" stage (kind of a discovery stage). Those in the "think" stage are that part of the addressable audience who are in the decision-making process (this could take minutes or months). And the "do" segment of the addressable audience are those at the conversion stage and ready to purchase.

Here’s a brief video of their conversation including some passion for the topic. This is highly relevant for intent-based strategies:

Let’s Have a Conversation

Acronym and creatorbase are collaborating to provide a multi-skilled team of marketing strategists, data analysts, and high-touch service experts to help enterprise marketing teams create engaging, high-performing customer experiences across channels with the execution of paid, earned, and owned media strategies and programs. We’re interested in learning more about your customer experience and digital business challenges and goals.

Connect with me on LinkedIn if you’re a member of an enterprise marketing team and would like to discuss how intent-based strategies can help you achieve customer experience and digital business goals. Follow creatorbase on Twitter to connect with more digital and sustainable business creators, ideas, and content. Please share this blog with others and let me know what you think!  

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