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Whether you participated onsite or from a distance, let's consider this #SocialShakeUp15 #CreateSheet (think cheat sheet) to connect with and build on session ideas and insights.

6/9/15, 10AM EST: Using Analytics to Engage Your Mobile Customer

Erick_Mott_June2015_Social_ShakeUpI was fortunate to moderate this panel of leaders including Beth Gregg, CEO of ShopperBridge, John Holland, Senior Manager Analytics at The Home Depot, and Mark Josephson, CEO of Bitly. To frame up the discussion and help make it actionable for you, we talked about three big topics and a handful of recommendations to consider. 

Three Big Buckets for Social Marketers and CMOs

Beth, John, Mark, and I discussed the three topics below. And we did it with a familiar theme in mind (click to watch the video):  

  1. Engage and delight people with digital and social channels by knowing them and their needs LetsDoThis

  2. Create personalized experiences and insights with mobile apps and mobile web data and links

  3. Collaborate, learn, and celebrate as a #MarTech team – silos no longer work for good #CX

Recommendations to Consider

These are a few thoughts from the session. Use the #createsheet hashtag on Twitter to help flesh this out further:

  • Marketers must be channel agnostic and provide consistent experiences across channels

  • Social marketers should ask to see the data from their ad campaigns so they know what’s in the realm of possible

  • Use appropriate tagging and measure what you can; manage the minutiae, better

  • SEO on mobile is the hot ticket so make sure you have your deep link tags on your site for Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. to drive the most engagement into your mobile apps [and experiences], and enable people to discover your app

  • Improve collaboration across functions and learn from losses and wins across channels

  • Use social media channels to drive awareness and engagement for mobile apps

  • Manage more like a MarTech team (integrated strategy) to be more customer centric with a unified view

  • Develop data sciences skills; report out, learn and celebrate together

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