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#CreateSheet: Advanced Track Speakers, Sessions and Key Topics at #CZLSF


We’re at the ClickZ Live San Francisco event today and it’s my pleasure to moderate the ‘Advanced’ track with some extraordinary speakers and industry experts. Companies represented include CNN, Google, M&C Saatchi Mobile, Performics, Pixalate, and Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG). This #CreateSheet is a work in progress based on onsite discussions and your tweets.

Key Topics Covered

  • Digital transformation objectives and strategy
  • Dealing with advertising fraud and risks
  • Creating customer journeys with mobile experiences and more
  • Data analytics and collection to improve personalization
  • Omni-channel challenges and opportunities to consider
  • Storytelling for the modern consumer and marketer
  • Workforce success strategies across channels and distributed teams
  • Revenue generation and value creation without breaking the bank

Missed Opportunities: Prioritizing Your Digital Spend

Vlad Gorenshteyn – Digital Leader & Brand Manager at CNN

BIO: At CNN Collection, Vlad is responsible for brand/content strategy, technical and creative vision, as well as innovation of omnichannel customer experiences (e-commerce, web, direct, social and content delivery).

SESSION: With the an ever-expanding list of opportunities where marketing dollars can be applied, plus a rise in tools available to measure success, it is easier than ever to become overwhelmed with prioritizing digital marketing budgets. In this frenzy, marketers are losing customers and missing engagement opportunities by creating broken user experiences. In this session, Vlad will discuss:

  • Fixing and optimizing your consumers' journey with straightforward storytelling
  • Identifing small changes that have big impact on your revenue goals
  • Harnessing missed opportunities by applying basic marketing principles

Rethinking Every Customer Touchpoint: Transforming the Customer Journey

Scott Shamberg President, Performics

BIO: Scott leads the U.S. Performics team, accelerating Performics' marketplace momentum via their suite of data-driven performance marketing solutions. Scott is focused on advancing Performics as the preeminent full-service performance-marketing network in the U.S., helping clients navigate the customer journey by simplifying communication at each decision point.

SESSION: How, what, when, and why a customer buys are questions that plague marketing executives as they try to decipher customer behavior in our multi-device world. Understanding customer touchpoints are important but companies that succeed in delivering end-to-end journeys for their customers are reaping the benefits. In this session, Scott will discuss:

  • Adopting and implementing a customer-centric point of view across departments
  • Ramping up your approach to journey-based transformations
  • Top down methods for creating impactful end-to-end journeys

Winning with Wearables: Enhancing Customer Experience with New Insights

Eric Mugnier – SVP North America M&C Saatchi Mobile

BIO: Eric leads the global marketing agency's presence in the Americas. Over the last decade, he worked with a number of global brands including HSBC, Reebok, Sprint, and Adidas. In 2006, Eric joined the founding team of Inside Mobile, one of the first mobile-focused marketing and advertising agencies.

SESSION: Smart devices have gone from being in your pocket or purse to resting on your face, wrist and other body parts. With the evolution of smart devices quickly moving toward becoming part of a customer's DNA, the companies winning at the wearables game are delivering highly personalized and relevant experiences to their users. In this session, Eric will discuss:

  • Opportunities and challenges in wearable technology
  • Key trends driving the form, function and fashion of wearables
  • Areas of innovation to focus your efforts

Ad Fraud: Reducing the Risk of Becoming a Statistic


Juliette Riviere – Senior Director, Compliance Programs, Trustworthy Accountability Group

Christine Allee – VP of Sales, Pixalate

Per Bjorke –Product Manager, Ad Traffic Quality, Google

John Brown – Head of Publisher Policy Communications, Google

SESSION: Ad fraud is estimated to amount to $7 billion in wasteful ad spending each year. With brands like Facebook, Google, AOL and Mondelez International joining the 24 member board for the newly launched Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG), it is obvious that combating ad fraud is a top of mind issue facing marketing executives in the industry. In this session, we’ll cover:

  • Strategies to battle click spam and click fraud
  • Tools available to combat bots
  • The future of ad fraud and how the industry is responding

Let’s Create Shared Value

This #CreateSheet post is a resource including various creators, ideas and insights. Let’s keep the momentum going and continue tweaking this #CreateSheet as an asset that will provide more value over time as we learn from ClickZ Live discussions onsite, and we see your tweets including both #CZLSF and #CreateSheet hashtags.

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