Excerpt from the Data Monetization Summit hosted by GoodData
What Makes a Good Life?

Talking About True Cloud Grounded in Digital and Sustainable Business


GoodData was born in the cloud according to Roman Stanek, Founder and CEO of GoodData, and other GoodData executives. They intend to stay in the cloud because their investments are grounded in serving customers and agile enterprises from a "true cloud" strategy vs “cloud-washing” of older technologies.

True cloud deployments provide real impact on how business intelligence – for example – is implemented, maintained, distributed, and ultimately, monetized. And as cloud adoption rates increased to 44% in 2015, and anticipated over three-quarters in 2016, defining cloud technologies is an issue that will affect most of the market.

Jeff Morris, VP of Strategy and Success at GoodData, and I talked about the meaning of "true cloud" from GoodData's analytics distribution platform perspective and also how other market leaders like Facebook, Google and Salesforce embrace a true cloud strategy. In this very first 'DataTalk' video interview, we highlight true-cloud topics that any business or technology leader should consider in 2016, especially if creating more return on investment from data and engaging customers in more creative ways are key objectives:


For the complete point of view and related resources, visit Jeff's blog on GoodData.com. Connect with us @creatorbase and @gooddata.

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