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I recently attended the Customer Experience Retail Summit hosted by IPQC and was surprised to learn how basic data like customer feedback – whether direct or obscure – can create significant value if correctly applied in the business. Further, a 2016 survey by Boston Retail Partners found the customer-feedback form is the top measurement of satisfaction (60% of respondents use it), followed by social-media comments (59%).

Eric Tunquist, vice president of customer feedback for the quick-serve restaurant company Jack in the Box has found success in helping franchise operators understand and act on the customer feedback that floods into the company's 2,000+ locations through guest-service scores.

"I try to put myself in the operator's shoes," he says. "I need to provide the data in a way that's actionable and timely and most importantly tied to business results – how they can make more money by acting on the information I'm providing."


Tunquist correlates the data with important outcomes such as sales growth. This helps operators understand how improving guest service can improve results, like sales. “It's very compelling when I can show them that those restaurants with better guest service scores have more sales growth. It's great information, and I'm pleased to share it with franchise operators in a way they really care about to listen."

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