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Create and Scale Content for Your Customers’ Micro-Moments


Successfully tracking and targeting customers across their journey is a challenge if your brand has nothing relevant to say to that particular customer at that moment and place along their purchase path. This takes more than the fashionable brand newsroom. Where do brand and digital marketers start in aligning message strategy, content creation and execution with moments?

Mobile has forever changed what we expect of brands. It's fractured the customer journey into hundreds of real-time, intent-driven micro-moments. Each is a critical opportunity for brands to shape target audience decisions and paths to purchases.

A MediaPost Brand Marketers Summit panel covered this topic on Saturday August 27th. Mike Grehan, CMO of Acronym based in NYC, provided some related insights earlier on Friday in an exclusive CreatorTalk video interview onsite. He said, “micro-moments is squarely based on the fact that mobile has become so important in everybody’s life – Google has been aware of intent as a driver for some time ...”


The panel at the MediaPost event included: Laura Crafton, Integrated Marketing Manager at Angie’s List; Libby Duncan, Marketing Manager at Merit School of Music; Freeman Setrana, Digital Marketing Manager at The Home Depot; and Denise Zimmerman, President and Chief Strategy Officer at NetPlus Marketing.

Earlier in the conference, speakers talked a lot about strategy, organizational issues, data-driven practices, and marketing channels. Our panel focused on content and customer journey topics; pre-panel discussions touched on a number of ideas and insights …

Crafton from Angie’s List said, “home services can be a challenging category for some consumers to understand – especially when it comes to purchasing e-commerce for a service needed. It’s important to innovate your message to help educate customers and potential customers, and constantly learn from what others are doing in the space to help drive innovation.”

“It’s important to know your audiences and how they distill information differently to be able to adapt your communication for each audience group, said Duncan from the Merit Music Schools. “Understanding generational marketing is a key element to accomplishing cross-channel communication.”

Setrana from The Home Depot said, “our customers’ expectations are extremely high and we see this as an opportunity to connect with them across their journey. Our goal is to be convenient for customers and deliver the most useful experience and the best value. Technology is a tool that enables ‘the just in time connection’ with our customers when they need us.”

“In order to create and build great brands you must be focused on the consumer first, said Zimmerman from NetPlus Marketing. “While the customer is at the center, content is what connects customers to your brand and must validate consumer identity along the customer journey. From search to email to a social ad and so forth every piece of content that touches your customers or potential customers is a brand experience. Google may be the first experience your customer has with your brand.”


Here's the recorded session from Saturday, August 27th to learn more about this topic and our panelists. Follow us @creatorbase and share your thoughts on this topic.

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