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Wondering what truly makes a good life? This recent TED Talk from Robert Waldinger, the Director of the Harvard Study of Adult Development, one of the most comprehensive longitudinal studies in history, boils it down to one clear message and three lessons to consider. Read more →

During the Sustainable Brands 2015 conference in San Diego, experts on a 'Sustainable Cities' panel discussed big issues and a few case studies around global brands building innovative partnerships with cities. They also shared how new, non-conventional partnerships are necessary and hinted of news to come that corporate sustainability teams would find useful. Learn more from Ford, Microsoft, Cisco Systems and more. Read more →

I started tinkering with sustainable design back in 1985 when we created a consumer product that was sold in Office Depot, etc. At the time, I didn’t know we were actually practicing sustainable design. Fast-forward 30 years with some recent digital transformation work at various technology companies, mixed with some purpose-driven work via creatorbase and voilà ... Elcom and creatorbase are teaming to explore and share insights focused on human motivation, digital and sustainability. Read more →

I think we all have an opportunity to modernize the meaning of the Labor Day holiday and movement. It starts with changing the perception of people from “workers” to “creators.” And we’re all in this together including the government, schools and employers. Read more →

Elon Musk has several ambitious plans in the works. He's a sustainable design master who takes major risks. Watch this new TED video recorded in February 2013 to see what he's up to and learn about his approach to sustainable design success. Read more →

Been thinking a lot about customer experience management innovation and operations lately. Here's a post including a fun video, 12 ideas and insights, and an upcoming speaking session to consider. Read more →