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Heading to the 125th Wimbledon Championships tomorrow. A dream come true. Tennis tradition at its best -- excited and honored is an understatement! Read more about this extraordinary trip and what's to come via creatorbase thoughts and related posts. Read more →

Sometimes, extraordinary things simply come together. But not without creativity, insight from others and the past, commitment and much work along the way. Seth Godin's book, Linchpin, may help you bring it all together for your family, work and the larger community. Read more →

Jamie Oliver's food for thought and action

A tireless author, entrepreneur, practitioner and TV personality for a number of years -- Jamie Oliver is on a mission to help Americans make needed changes in lifestyles and diet. Tune into his passionate talk recorded at TED on February 10, 2010. Read more →

by Erick Mott Saturdays are fun and memorable when you apply this formula: up early with sun shining; Curious George and Caillou cartoons for the kids; breakfast at home for all; costumes for the kids; a pre-Halloween party at the Club with other kids and parents; a brush with a rock legend and storyteller for mom and dad; a digital... Read more →

Labor Day Week 2008 Motorcycle Adventure

by Erick Mott It's that time of year again. Summer coming to an end soon and one of the busiest American holiday seasons of the year. Except, I'm not going to sit at home in front of the tube like many past Labor Day weekends. Quite the opposite experience with an anticipated 2,000+ mile ride (and motorcycle seat) as my... Read more →