Food and Drink

College students in the Boston area now have the opportunity to win amazing prizes for engaging with brands on social media. Combine the social sweepstakes experience with an annual event at Fenway Park on Saturday, September 12th, and social engagement magic happens. Let’s call it an engagement marketing triple play! Read more →

Want to create a successful product or service? Scott McDulin shares Indian River Select’s key ingredients.

During a recent trip to Florida, I connected with Scott McDulin -- a co-creator of Indian River Select® juice products. We discussed what’s behind the new consumer brand’s success and you’ll find it’s a smart blend of practical thinking and modern strategy. See the brief blog post and video ... Read more →

Two wheels, three years and countless forks in the road

We all have a sense of adventure but often choose to not take a leap of faith into the unknown. Then there’s Allan Karl and his quest for culture, cuisine and connection. Learn more including a brief video about a cool crowdfunding project. Read more →

Dan Oliver and his 'Beer Guy' labor of love

There's no better time than Labor Day to share a story about how and why an obsession for beer became a thriving career. Are you doing what you love and making a good living too? Tune into this brief conversation on video to learn how Dan Oliver did it. Read more →

A conversation with Chef Nona from Hell's Kitchen and LA Market

While attending a Gartner conference with Sitecore and Brookings last week in LA, I stumbled on an opportunity I couldn't pass up. A conversation with a creator and reality TV winner: Chef Nona from Hell's Kitchen and LA Market Read more →

Jamie Oliver's food for thought and action

A tireless author, entrepreneur, practitioner and TV personality for a number of years -- Jamie Oliver is on a mission to help Americans make needed changes in lifestyles and diet. Tune into his passionate talk recorded at TED on February 10, 2010. Read more →