Global Issues

David Lang's underwater robot came to life with your curiosity

It's a story like David Lang's underwater robot that reminds me of why I moved from South Florida to the San Francisco Bay Area nearly 20 years ago. Back then before the Internet was widespread, one of the leading creative centers in the world -- Silicon Valley -- was really only accessible by living and working here. Times have changed! Watch this brief TED video and participate in the creatorbase community. Read more →

Two wheels, three years and countless forks in the road

We all have a sense of adventure but often choose to not take a leap of faith into the unknown. Then there’s Allan Karl and his quest for culture, cuisine and connection. Learn more including a brief video about a cool crowdfunding project. Read more →

I think we all have an opportunity to modernize the meaning of the Labor Day holiday and movement. It starts with changing the perception of people from “workers” to “creators.” And we’re all in this together including the government, schools and employers. Read more →

Finally, physical therapy in your pocket

With a more active and aging population worldwide, and smartphone and tablet usage experiencing huge growth, I found this new app from Naveen Khan to be interesting and timely. Learn more about PT PAL with this brief video and guest blog post ... Read more →

For more than 4 years since creating it, I’ve been refining and relying on an integrated marketing and communications strategy I call a community practice. You can get a peek of the strategy, including four core programs, here and there are more details in my new CMSWire article. Read more →

Elon Musk has several ambitious plans in the works. He's a sustainable design master who takes major risks. Watch this new TED video recorded in February 2013 to see what he's up to and learn about his approach to sustainable design success. Read more →