There’s a growing movement underway that you can participate in to help the economy, support local businesses, and gain something valuable in return. Seriously, everyone can benefit from this game depending on how they get involved. Check out the brief video and Qubits Toy campaign ... Read more →

The professional tennis season is in full swing and I had the good fortune of participating in the 2011 Wimbledon Championship from June 18th - 20th. John Phillips from the ATP and I touch on the future of tennis from digital and onsite perspectives. Whether you're a tennis fan or not, this creatorbase thoughts video (~4 minutes) provides good insights and some entertainment for any business or marketing leader. Read more →

Thank you Sitecore. What’s next via creatorbase?

Last week were my final days as Sitecore’s VP Community. Simply put, business changes and opportunities are always at play -- especially when it comes to the technology community. What's next? Some exciting developments ... Read more →

Is tennis your game of choice? It's definitely mine and so I was more than happy to talk with John Phillips from the ATP about his digital strategy and initiatives. John and his team are changing the game of how fans and players experience men's professional tennis. Tune into this brief "Focus on Community" video conversation. Read more →