Manage the collaborative process to create audience engagement

Andrea Ward from Oracle and Vince Gilligan, creator of the Breaking Bad TV series, talked onstage at Eloqua Experience 2013 about Breaking Bad's success-secrets and takeaways for others to consider. Watch this brief video and read related blog posts. Read more →

Finally, physical therapy in your pocket

With a more active and aging population worldwide, and smartphone and tablet usage experiencing huge growth, I found this new app from Naveen Khan to be interesting and timely. Learn more about PT PAL with this brief video and guest blog post ... Read more →

Shelly Ehler on Shark Tank thoughts

Shelly Ehler, from Shark Tank Season 3, and I finally connected in Los Angeles last Friday at the Shark Tank Season 5 open casting call. I was curious to learn what she had learned since her successful appearance in Season 3. We discuss with this brief video and post ... Read more →

For those who know me, you can imagine how I felt when I found myself interviewing Daymond John from ABC Shark Tank. I had to resist pitching while I had him in a private room for 17 minutes. Check out our 'Web Innovation Now' video interview about how to collaborate and make technology cool. Read more →

Another year has come to a close but the story continues with more scenes. I looked back at key people, experiences and ideas that were influential in 2011 -- and came up with 12 tips that I think will help you or someone you know in 2012. Many useful links to articles, PPTs, research, videos and webinars. Cheers! Read more →