Two wheels, three years and countless forks in the road

We all have a sense of adventure but often choose to not take a leap of faith into the unknown. Then there’s Allan Karl and his quest for culture, cuisine and connection. Learn more including a brief video about a cool crowdfunding project. Read more →

Another year has come to a close but the story continues with more scenes. I looked back at key people, experiences and ideas that were influential in 2011 -- and came up with 12 tips that I think will help you or someone you know in 2012. Many useful links to articles, PPTs, research, videos and webinars. Cheers! Read more →

One year ago today, thousands created something extraordinary for you

On July 24, 2010, people like you from all around the world shared stories about their lives for a new, documentary film about one day. Learn more about this historic cinematic experiment that takes on special meaning today. Read more →

The professional tennis season is in full swing and I had the good fortune of participating in the 2011 Wimbledon Championship from June 18th - 20th. John Phillips from the ATP and I touch on the future of tennis from digital and onsite perspectives. Whether you're a tennis fan or not, this creatorbase thoughts video (~4 minutes) provides good insights and some entertainment for any business or marketing leader. Read more →

Heading to the 125th Wimbledon Championships tomorrow. A dream come true. Tennis tradition at its best -- excited and honored is an understatement! Read more about this extraordinary trip and what's to come via creatorbase thoughts and related posts. Read more →